A little about us

Max Hofbauer, MSc

Max trained as a biologist at the University of Vienna, but was introduced to Virtual Reality during his masters studies "Behaviour, Neurobiology, and Cognition" in the lab of Axel Schmid. There, Max combined his interest in the visual perception of animals with a fascination for technology, to develop an Arthropod VR system for freely walking spiders - including real-time position tracking and motion compensation. Max then moved to the labs of Andrew Straw and Kristin Tessmar-Raible where he worked on the development of VR systems for freely swimming fish, and automated behavioural analysis using computer vision. Max believes quantitative behavioural analysis can lead to new scientific insight and is passionate about closing the gap between engineering, data analysis, and traditional biology.

John Stowers, PhD

John studied electrical engineering at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. His PhD research was the application of biologically inspired vision to unpiloted aerial vehicles (UAVs as they were known then, now 'drones'). During his PhD, John became fascinated by the efficient vision and control strategies of insects, and switched from engineering into neuroscience after he graduated. After moving to Austria, John worked as a Postdoc in the lab of Andrew Straw (at the IMP) and at the TU Wien where his research involved applying engineering and system identification techniques to quantify freeflight behaviour of Drosophila. There, John also developed a number of cutting edge quantitative behavioural assays including: VR systems for freely flying Drosophila, freely swimming fish, freely walking mice and flies, and a multitude of real-time 2D and 3D tracking software. John is passionate about bringing engineering techniques, automation and quantitative methods to help biologists and advance science.

Santi Villalba, MSc

Santi has been called many things; a romantic, a Baritone, a Neuroinformatician, but he prefers to be known as a DataFrame. Annotated data is his fuel, the high pitched whine of a computer fan, his nemesis. He was at machine learning conferences before they went crazy and has been thinking about adversarial training before it was cool. Santi brings more than a decade of machine learning experience to solve your most difficult tracking and image processing problems.

Andreas Poehlmann, PhD

Andreas studied Physics at the University of Bayreuth and worked in the field of Dynamical Systems, where he researched magneto-hydrodynamic instabilities using ferrofluids. Curiosity for the unknown and deep love for problem solving led him to switch fields and do his PhD in neuroscience. In the lab of Andrew Straw he researched visual behaviour in Drosophila experimentally and theoretically with a focus on analytical and numerical modelling. Andreas, who often refers to himself as a cross between a Star Fleet Science Officer and Angus MacGyver, loves riding the bleeding edge of technology, be it Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence. His creative way of finding novel solutions to problems and intuitive approach to abstract logical reasoning is only enhanced by his endless supply of Prof. VanDusen quotes.

Markus Delitz

His quest to become the best classifier of fungi like no one ever was drove Markus to the study of biology at the University of Innsbruck. However, the broad curriculum there slowly made him realize there is more to life than filamentous ascomycetes, whereupon his way lead him to the bioinformatics masters program at the University of Vienna. From here on, he strives to package all life forms, big and small, into a neat, little .py file.

This Could Be You

We are growing! If you are motivated to help expand the frontiers of science through the development of cutting-edge analysis tools, then you could be perfect for us. We are looking for a talented and motivated web-plus developer to join our team. Local and remote working arrangements are possible. If you have the following skills
  • proficient in Python and Javascript
  • familiarity with flask, AWS, OpenCV
and are interested, please contact us today, we'd love to hear from you!