Versatile desktop behavioural arena, video recording, and analysis.

Kastl is a desktop sized behavioural arena for fish and other animals. Its economic price and larger assay size allow diverse behavioural experiments. Kastl is designed to be as versatile as possible to allow the application for several different model species and arenas. Among others, Kastl is currently used for larval zebrafish, several adult fish species, marine bristleworms and C.elegans.

The core of Kastl is a Motif recording unit, making it to the most advanced high resolution and framerate system currently available.

Kastl seamlessly integrates with Loopy for tracking and behavioural analysis. It provides a simple, remote controllable web-browser based interface for managing and analysing your data. For extra security, it can integrate with loopb.io, moving your image processing and data backup to the cloud.

A standard configuration of Kastl supports the following features

  • 24/7 operation
  • High throughput
  • Light for stimulation (white or color-RGB)
  • Individual light conditions and programs
  • 940nm IR lighting
  • Different imaging areas available (from 100x100mm to 300x300mm as desktop version, up to 1.2m as standalone)
  • High frame rate and resolution

Kastl is available with the following addons

  • Temperature control
  • Custom lighting spectra
  • Light, temperature or other environmental sensors
  • Multi-camera recording
  • 3D tracking
  • Data analysis and backup online with loopb.io

Application examples

High throughput screening of multi well plates

Making use of latest higher resolution cameras, Kastl can record not only a single multi-well plate but several at the same time multiplying your throughput.

Desktop size schooling analysis

Kastl can be used with a custom circular schooling arena for investigating group our schooling behaviour in a small form factor assay.

High throughput circadian analysis with non model organisms

Kastl is not restricted to use with fish. See here for a case study showing how Kastl, with custom lighting control, is used for investigating circadian and circalunar mechanisms in marine bristelworms.

High speed recordings

Kastl can be equipped with an ultra bright IR LED background illumination and a high speed camera delivering 700 frames per second at VGA resolution constantly (24/7). This is used to investigate specific movements with temporal and spatial resolution that are not available elsewhere.

Data readout

Besides standard activity measurement like speed and distance moved, also more advanced readouts are possible. This could be about frequency and inter about distance for zebrafish or bending angle for worms of any kind. The following measurements are automatically calculated;

  • Distance moved and velocity
  • Occupation (heatmaps)
  • Curvature (skeleton fitting)
  • Inter individual distance (schooling)
  • Size of individuums