We are loopbio

We provide cutting edge computer vision, tracking, and virtual reality systems for behavioral sciences. Our capabilities include high frame-rate and high resolution multi-camera and real-time tracking, deep learning and experiment and laboratory automation.


We offer a complete spectrum of products from video recording, behavioural arenas, to image processing and analysis.

Video Recording

Our Motif recording system pairs a high-resolution / high-framerate camera with a dedicated PC for reliable single or multi-camera recordings.

Behavioural Arenas

Kastl is a desktop behavioural arena for fish and other animals. Its economic price and larger assay size allow diverse behavioural experiments.

Image Processing

Loopy is online or laboratory wide image processing and analysis software. Hexerei is marker-free 3D tracking software for biologists.

Virtual Reality

FishVR is a virtual reality system for unrestrained fish. Each system is supported and supplied with training and automated analysis.

Consulting expertise

Tracking and image processing for behavioral sciences

We offer customized real-time (>125 fps) 2D and 3D tracking systems for single and multiple animals in laboratory and natural lighting conditions. We specialise in high-throughput, high-performance image processing and quantification of animal behaviour from movies. With a PhD in computer vision, we can apply cutting edge techniques to give you reliable and robust behavioural data in less time than coding it yourself. For a versatile ready-to-go solution, check out Hexerei for 3D tracking, and Loopy for 2D tracking and analysis.

Virtual reality for freely moving animals

We have experience building VR systems for freely walking spiders and mice, freely swimming zebrafish, and freely flying drosophila. We have constructed setups for some of the most technically challenging model organisms in science, we can customize and build a VR apparatus to help answer your future questions. If you are looking for a supported, peer reviewed and scientifically proven VR system for fish, check our FishVR.

Custom experimental equipment development

We have experience building custom experimental electronics including real-time sensing and measurement of light, temperature and other experimental factors. We have experience coordinating real-time experiments including synchronizing stimulus with image and other sensor acquisition. If you have a technically challenging assay in mind we offer end-to-end services, from construction to data analysis. For a versatile desktop assay equipped with camera system and environmental monitoring, check out Kastl. If you already have a behavioural assay, and want to add or improve the resolution, framerate, or reliability of your video recording setup, see our Motif recording system.

Case Studies

Circadian Analysis

We developed a Motif based recording and analysis system for 7-day duration high resolution recordings of Platynereis dumerilii.

Fish Virtual Reality Laboratory

We supplied 5 FishVR systems and integrated data analysis infrastructure to study collective behaviour in freely swimming fish.

Field Video Recording

To study the courtship dance of Manakins, we supplied a synchronized multi-camera high framerate & resolution Motif video recording system to be operated in the jungles of Columbia.

Laboratory Video Recording

We supplied 12 Motif recording systems and consulted on integrated IT storage infrastructure to equip two new research groups with experiment recording solutions.