We sell state of the art video recording systems, animal tracking software, and virtual reality assays for scientists. We work with you to help answer your scientific questions using our portfolio of high frame rate & high resolution video recording solutions, comprehensive tracking algorithms, deep learning and integration expertise.


We offer a complete spectrum of products including video recording systems, image processing and tracking software, and behavioral arenas. For custom solutions, we also offer consulting services. Our products integrate seamlessly with one another so we can offer integrated lab-, group-, or department-wide solutions.

Video Recording

Our Motif recording system pairs a high-resolution and frame rate camera with a dedicated PC for reliable single or multi-camera recordings.

Image Processing

Loopy is tracking, image processing and analysis software. Hexerei is marker-free 3D tracking software for biologists.

Behavioral Arenas

Kastl is a desktop behavioral arena for fish and other animals. Its economic price and larger assay size allow diverse behavioral experiments.

Virtual Reality

FishVR is a virtual reality system for unrestrained fish. Each system is supported and supplied with training and automated analysis.

Case Studies

72 Megapixel Camera Array

We created a custom multi-camera imaging system for high-throughput C. elegans screening. Using Motif we record and compress 72 Megapixels or 2.2 GB/s of video data.

Field Video Recording

To study the courtship dance of Manakins, we supplied a synchronized multi-camera Motif video recording system to be operated in the jungles of Columbia.

Tunicata Pose Tracking

We supported the Chatzigeorgiou Lab upgrade their conventional tracking with a custom Loopy deep learning pose tracking solution.

Complete Lab Installation

We supplied 12 Motif recording systems and consulted on integrated IT storage infrastructure to equip two new research groups with experiment recording solutions.

Circadian Analysis

We developed a Motif based recording and analysis system for 7-day duration high resolution recordings of Platynereis dumerilii.

Fish Virtual Reality Laboratory

We supplied 5 FishVR systems and integrated data analysis infrastructure to study collective behavior in freely swimming fish.