Realtime markerless 3D tracking system for quantitative biology.

3 camera systemexample lab installationfilming a cockroach

Hexerei is a camera based real-time 3D tracking system for quantitative biology. If you need to measure the 3D position of one or more animals or objects, without affixing markers or disturbing the animals in any way, then Hexerei is perfect for you.

Hexerei is supplied as a complete system, hardware, software and cameras are included, and each system is built according to your research needs including the customization of;

  • The number of cameras. Hexerei supports between 2 and 10 cameras allowing it to cover larger assay sizes.
  • The frame-rate. The actual frame-rate depends on the number of objects, cameras and framerate, however 5-10 objects at megapixel resolution is normal.
  • The detection of your animals. Hexerei is built on the same foundations as Loopy, which means completely customizable object detection is natively supported.

Hexerei also deep-learning based markerless pose tracking and sophisticated, while still easy to use, calibration support. This is because every Hexerei product includes a subscription to Loopy which is used for the creation of custom pose detectors, and for calibration.

Hexerei and Loopy together include guided calibration functionality that allows accurate 3D tracking in a diverse range of environments. This allows the system to be transported, assembled, and calibrated in the field, in addition to normal fixed laboratory operation.

extrinisic calibration to determine camera location
intrinsic calibration
validating extrinsic calibration

Demonstration Videos